Trauma Response Team


Mission: The Trauma Response Team helps people across Southeastern Connecticut recover from the overwhelming stress caused by traumatic events, including natural disasters, serious accidents, suicides, homicides and terrorism, by providing community outreach and support. We serve communities, schools, health and human service providers, organizations, government agencies, workplaces and individuals.

The Trauma Response Team is specifically trained in Psychological First Aid and Post Traumatic Stress Management.

The goal in coming to your site is to help you and your program recover from a highly stressful event. Feedback from individuals who have previously participated in similar programs has been overwhelmingly positive.

What to expect at a Coping and Resource Group:

  • Generally, two members of the Trauma Response Team will lead a guided discussion, with a focus on general and physical reactions as well as coping skills and resources. 
  • This is not a therapy group or a formal “debriefing”.
  • The group typically takes an hour and a half, depending on the size of the group. We ask that you stay for the entirety of the group.
  •  A Team member will explain the “ground rules” that ensure that the discussion will be as supportive and comfortable as possible for all participants.
  • You will not be asked to “relive” a disturbing event.
  • You will be invited to talk about how you are doing in the aftermath of the event, and to focus on your reactions to the events.
  • You will learn about stress or grief and things you can do to help yourself and others who have been affected.
  •  Participation in Coping and Resource Groups is always voluntary.

For more information please contact Michele Devine at 860-848-2800 or email the SERAC office at