Facts & Data

SERAC supports data-driven, evidence-based prevention.

We have been involved in the administration of a variety of surveys throughout Connecticut since 2006. In that time we have surveyed more than 12,000 youth regarding attitudes, perceptions and practices with respect to substance use and other addictive behaviors. The data from these surveys has been used widely to support grant applications, to inform prevention planning and to track progress of prevention activities.

We have also conducted other surveys including community adult surveys and coalition evaluation surveys. Last year, we began developing surveys based on templates and guidelines from the Connecticut Department of Education for SEED and school climate evaluation.

SERAC creates a Sub-Regional Prevention Priority Report for Connecticut sub-region 3B as part of the Bi-Annual Statewide Needs Assessment supported by the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) to the CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS). The purpose of the Report is to compile, review and summarize the available local data regarding the magnitude of consumption and related consequences for the 8 priority issues identified by DMHAS – alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, problem gambling, and suicide.

Reports by SERAC